College for Social Innovation Community Adviser

College for Social Innovation (CfSI) Community Advisers are program participants who serve as paraprofessional members of the CfSI residential life team during their semester as CfSI Fellows.

CA applications  are currently open for the Fall 2017.

Position Overview

CfSI prefers students who have served as CAs at their home institutions, and will give priority for the CfSI CA role to applicants with an outstanding reference from someone who has supervised them in an CA role. Thereafter, decisions will be made on the basis of leadership, character, and the ability to relate well with others.

Reporting to the Manager of Residential Life, CAs assist residents in meeting their educational, interpersonal and social needs relative to their living environment. The CA’s role encompasses community building, programming, and policy enforcement, as well as administrative and staff responsibilities.

Given the semi-independent nature of CfSI’s residential program, CfSI CAs are expected to work an average of only 5-6 hours per week in their RA capacities (not including weekend on-call rotations).

Position Responsibilities

All CfSI CAs are responsible for:

·         Building community through social and educational programming including:

o   Planning at least two social activities a month for residents.

o   Providing students with information about program and community resources and events.

o   Developing an open and honest relationship with each of their residents..

·         Completing administrative tasks such as:

o   Assisting with move-in and move-out.

o   Serving as an integral part of the weekend on-call rotation.

o   Attending all required meetings as established by the Manager of Residential Life.

·         Being peer counselors including:

o   Reaching out to residents who are isolated or have concerns.

o    Communicating concerns or requests for assistance to the Manager of Residential Life in a timely manner.

o   Acting as a mediator in disputes and conflicts.

·         Enforcing CfSI policies including:

o   Educating residents about CfSI policies and procedures.

o   Confronting behavior that infringes upon the rights of others or stated CfSI policies, or that is not respectful of the community.

o   As a role model, abiding by the rules and regulations CfSI at all times.


In return for service as a CfSI CA, students will pay only ½ the regular cost for program housing ($2000 for a single room in a four bedroom apartment).

How to Apply

You can complete the application here. CA applications are currently open for the Fall 2017 semester.