Kanika Nevers

MANAGER OF student LIFE & Housing

Kanika is proud to be part of the College for Social Innovation team as the Manager of Student Life & Housing after initially serving as a volunteer while working full-time at The University of New Hampshire.

Prior to working at UNH, Kanika served as an inaugural member of the TCU Chapter of the AdviseTX Advising Corp. As one of twelve TCU graduates hired to work as a college adviser to individually serve select Texas high schools. For two years, Kanika advised over 500 underrepresented North Side High School students select, apply, finance, and visit prospective colleges. It was during her time as an adviser at a predominantly Latino school that Kanika learned of the many impediments that face students who are of color, low income, first generation, or teen parents. Kanika’s enlightening work at North Side remains a guiding light in her commitment to collaborating with people of all backgrounds to actualize their own goals.

In search of a new experience, Kanika began her three-year tenure as a residence hall director with the Office of Residential Life at The University of New Hampshire. It was there that she discovered the value of socially conscious and experiential education, in addition to the importance of relationship building in order to holistically expand one’s knowledge base. Besides managing a residence hall of nearly 150 college students and supervising a staff of 3 resident assistants, Kanika worked on a series of departmental committees such as Inclusive Excellence, Assessment, Career, and RA Selection as well as co-chairing the President’s Commission on the Status of People of Color. Her investment in creating life-skill based educational curriculums and learning outcomes like preparing college students at all levels for entering the work force or post graduate arena further lends credence to why she freely volunteered her spare time to market and counsel students about Semester in the City. 

Kanika is grateful for the many professional experiences that she has had and aspires to create and mentor other adults as they move through their own personal and professional growth.