Living in Boston


Housing and Amenities

Semester in the City offers Fellows an apartment housing option. Fellows will share a 4-bedroom furnished apartment with other Fellows (4 Fellows per apartment). Each student will have their own bedroom and will share a kitchen, bathroom and living room area.

Housing costs $4,000 per semester. We prefer Fellows live in Boston to participate in our program. If you would like to make other arrangements you must contact Natalya Subbotina prior to the application deadline (

Meals and Dining

Fellows will have a kitchen in their apartments and are expected to purchase and cook their own food. Semester in the City will also provide 3 meals per week during classes and workshops.

Assuming 3 meals per day for 14 weeks, the cost for meals for the semester will run anywhere from $800-$1,600 per student (based on USDA data; this does NOT include eating in restaurants). 

During orientation, students will learn ways to plan, purchase, and prepare healthy meals while in the program. We will also provide a list of grocery stores and restaurants in the Allston/Brighton neighborhood.


Semester in the City will provide students with free T passes (the T is Boston’s subway/bus system). Apartments are located 3 blocks from the nearest T-stop.

Neighborhood and Safety

Students will live in Allston/Brighton, a neighborhood in Boston with a large student population. Apartments are located in a safe neighborhood with nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and public transit.