Mattie Motazedian


Mattie is thrilled to be part of the College for Social Innovation (CfSI) team as it gives her the chance to work with and invest in tomorrow’s leaders. Mattie’s passion for leadership development and systemic change has fueled her work in the social sector for the past five years.

After graduating from Boston University in 2013 with majors in International Relations, Religious Studies, and Photojournalism, Mattie took to full time volunteering and program development for the YMCA of Greater Boston. After some time, she began working full time for Ambassador Swanee Hunt in support of her philanthropic endeavors. Most recently, Mattie developed a fellowship for survivors of sex-trafficking through Swanee Hunt’s program, Demand Abolition. Focusing her talents on program creation as well as relationship building, Mattie helped spearhead the effort to train police departments across the country in proper tactics to reduce the demand for sex trafficking.

Recently, Mattie graduated with her Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Wheelock College. After completing her degree, she decided to take a leap of faith and leave the anti-trafficking industry, pursuing her passions for working with young adults, leadership development, and large-scale change. She believes in the mission of CfSI wholeheartedly; had a program like this been around when she was at BU, she may not have struggled so greatly. Mattie looks forward to cultivating relationships with students in this growing organization and seeing life-changing experiences happen during their participation in the Semester in the City program.