Our Mission: To educate and inspire the next generation of problem solvers

Our Model: We bring together colleges and social sector organizations to create fully credited hands-on learning experiences that are meaningful, accessible, and life-changing. Learn more

We believe that combining the best of a liberal arts education with mentor-rich, real-world learning opportunities can address critical issues facing U.S. colleges and universities while building a stronger talent pipeline for the social sector. Specifically, we believe College for Social Innovation can increase self-discovery, learning, and skill development. In addition, we can help students build networks that will make it easier for them to get good jobs and to grow and contribute as workplace and civic leaders. 

We envision a new type of college that puts real-world experience and discovery of purpose at the center of a student’s college years. We plan to do this through College for Social Innovation, a new non-profit organization, incorporated in July 2015, focused on providing college students with apprenticeship-based service learning in the social sector. College for Social Innovation will start by partnering with leading colleges to place students in semester-long, full-time, 16-credit Social Innovation Fellowships with social sector leaders in the Boston area. Students will learn through job-related assignments and relevant seminars and reflection activities, all of which will help them build career-based competencies and a network. Over time we will scale College for Social Innovation to additional cities and enroll hundreds of thousands of students, helping to inspire and train a new generation of problem solvers.

As we prove demand for and impact of the model, we will seek deeper partnerships with colleges in which students enroll with us not just for one semester but for two to four semesters. Our long-term vision is a model in which apprenticeship-based learning represents up to half of all credits needed for a bachelor’s degree, the cost of college comes down, and learning and purpose go up.

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