Samantha Wallace



Samantha Wallace comes to the College for Social Innovation team excited to work with an organization that provides opportunities for first generation college students like herself. Samantha graduated from Clark University where she held a position as a Resident Adviser, co-founded the university’s first academic research journal, and worked full-time in order to financially support herself. Samantha’s passion for first generation student support and non-traditional learning comes from her experience with City Year New Hampshire and Breakthrough Collaborative.

After high school, Samantha took a gap year with CYNH; she supported a fourth-grade classroom and ran an after-school-care program with a team of eight peers. Samantha enjoys the “can-do” attitude of City Year and the experience of working with other, like-minded idealists. At Breakthrough Collaborative, Samantha taught seventh-grade writing as well as led a team of peers in crafting and planning for daily community activities. Joining the Breakthrough Manchester and City Year New Hampshire teams allowed Samantha to explored the non-profit education sector, which she is excited to return to.

A native New Hampshirite, Samantha loves to hike and canoe and is an avid podcast-listener.