Semester in the City

take a first step to improving your future and others': Apply to Semester in the City

Apply to Semester in the City in Boston and get help lining up a great internship (along with intensive mentoring and skill-building), an affordable apartment, and a full semester of credit. Semester in the City allows you to:

  • Gain experience that will open doors to jobs in the fast-growing social sector as well as the private sector;

  • Make a difference in the world and develop your sense of passion and purpose through hands-on projects at a leading non-profit, social mission business, or government agency;

  • Magnify your impact through critical thinking skills learned in our Becoming a Problem Solver and Social Innovator’s Tool Box courses and workshops;

  • Live in Boston in our affordable apartments with other Semester in the City students; the cost of Semester in the City is the same or less than the cost of a typical semester on campus;

  • Grow your professional voice and communication skills through real-world experiences and coaching from a dedicated mentor – all while earning a full semester of academic credit.

Semester in the City is a chance to build passion and purpose, skills and networks in one fully-credited, life-advancing semester in Boston.  

Experience what past students called “the future of education” and “the best educational and leadership building program of my life.” 

Begin your journey with Semester in the City in boston.

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