Special Assistant to the CEO and Alumni Coordinator

Bethany Kaminsky is the Special Assistant to the CEO at College for Social Innovation. She is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, and is excited to be able to begin her post-graduate life in such a unique position. She was drawn to the organization back in 2017, as a member of the Fall 2017 cohort. To have such an experience living and learning in Boston awakened in her a need to involve herself more fully in the social sector, for the betterment of her communities.

In college, Bethany studied Political Science and Women’s Studies, a combination of experiences that taught her the value both of institutional work and nontraditional methods of changemaking. Studying the work of hundreds of years of changemakers from all walks of life and all matter of passions allowed her to truly believe in her own capacity to make a change. In addition to schoolwork, Bethany was involved in campus life and political campaigns, working in the classroom and out of it to inspire and uplift other students. She is thrilled to begin this chapter of her life at the College for Social Innovation.