As a Social Innovation Fellow, you’ll also take two courses, taught by our staff. Curriculum focuses on social innovation and the social impact sector, and also gives you ample time to reflect on your internship work. Our classes are a key part of our holistic approach to experiential learning and internships: you’ll learn theory in class and put it to practice at your internship, maximizing your growth both inside and outside the classroom.


The Social Innovator's Toolbox course is a weekly seminar on Wednesday evenings from 4-7 pm that exposes students to the field of social innovation through case studies, guest speakers, short readings, and interactive, student-led work. Through a series of field-tested assignments, or “deliverables”, students are introduced and practice applying different concepts and methods from social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, nonprofit management, and social impact evaluation to their specific work in their internships. Boston is our classroom, so distinguished guest speakers share their stories and perspectives on a wide range of social issues, and students facilitate small group discussions. Dinner is provided.

students doing an activity with craft supplies at a table

students talking with each other during a class activity


Becoming a Problem Solver is our Friday hands-on course that builds the skills of students as change makers for social good. Fellows participate in skill-building and reflective workshops designed around our core skills of launching a purpose driven career, working in diverse teams, persuasive communication and human centered problem solving. Reflection plays a big role on Fridays whether by journaling, through discussion in pairs and small groups, or by writing a culminating reflection essay. Fellows practice new concepts and skills every week and engage in team-based community research projects, craft a three-minute speech they deliver at graduation, and develop their professional on-line profile and portfolio of work. Breakfast and lunch are provided.