Devon is Manager of Student Recruitment at the College for Social Innovation. She is excited to work with students as they consider the powerful role a semester of real-world job experience could have in their academic journey.

Devon attended Hampshire College, where her self-designed concentration focused on the history of organizing and activism in the United States, particularly in the the twentieth century. After graduating in 2006, Devon spent eight years in Hampshire’s Admissions Office, working to recruit students who were also passionate about Hampshire’s unique educational structure and the motto “To Know is Not Enough.” Since leaving Hampshire, Devon has spent time working in other admissions environments and reading applications for QuestBridge, a full four-year college scholarship for long-term low-income students. In addition, she works as a college counselor for an independent counseling firm, helping students through the process of finding and applying to schools. Throughout all of her work, she brings a passion for helping students find the right fit for their interests and abilities, whether they’re searching for a college, an internship, or a job.