Semester in the City is our program where we connect college students, known as Social Innovation Fellows, to meaningful internships with social impact sector organizations, while working with their colleges to ensure they receive a full-semester worth of credit. Fellows receive intensive training and support prior to and throughout their Fellowships.

A crucial part of making Semester in the City such a successful program are the wonderful host organizations we partner with. Host sites are the
social impact sector organizations nonprofits, government agencies, or social mission businesses that take-in a fellow for the semester.

Semester in the City is unique for many reasons, but one that makes it stand out from the average internship is the time our Fellows are able to commit: they are at their internship for 30 hours per week. By being able to intern at their organization almost full-time, students are able to fully immerse themselves into their work environment, enabling them to be able to better support capacity building at their organization. We are always looking to work with great social sector organizations that can provide our fellows a place to thrive and help support the next generation of change makers.

Interested to know where we have placed our Fellows? See the full list here.

The fellows’ contributions are invaluable and they are very willing to become part of our communities


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