MANAGER of operations and
special projects

Ilona Drew is excited to join the College for Social Innovation as the Manager of Operations and Special Projects. With a background in finance, social entrepreneurship, and program management, as well as a passion for volunteering, policy and social justice, she brings a variety of interests and skills to the role. Ilona holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Management, and a Master’s in Public Policy with a dual foci in Analysis and Strategy & Communication, both through the University of New Hampshire. 

Throughout her time at the University of New Hampshire, Ilona worked closely with the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise in many capacities; facilitating research on cross-sector solutions to social problems and innovative strategies to help scale social businesses. Most recently, she developed programming for undergraduate and graduate student research fellows to study social innovation methodologies through experiential learning activities and field research trips, while furthering the learning community by facilitating the production of case studies on a variety of growing organizations. 

Aside from her experience in social innovation, Ilona has a background in corporate financial planning, sustainable investment strategy, sales, and leasing. As Manager of Operations and Special Projects, she looks forward to a multifaceted role that incorporates her strengths, interests, and previous experiences.