Rick Trenchard

Freight Farms 

Title: Sales Marketing Manager

Age: 26

College: Suffolk University

Major: Global Business and Marketing

First Job: Marketing analyst for DrFirst, Inc.



Rick Trenchard 3.jpg

After starting his career at DrFirst as a marketing analyst, Rick moved to his current job at Freight Farms.  Within the first year, he moved from a content marketing lead, to a marketing lead, to his current position as a sales marketing manager. He is excited about taking Freight Farms to the next level, fighting climate change and expanding access to healthy food for communities. 

What’s the best advice you ever got from a work mentor? 

One that always sticks with me is to always do more than what is asked, especially for younger people starting off their career. I really admire people who are proactive and take initiative on things.

 What advice would you give to a college student looking to build a career as a problem solver?

You don't need a job to solve problems. I think portfolios are really important and side projects are really interesting. If you're passionate about solving problems, whether it’s in the social sector or just something personal, just take it on yourself and do a little mini project. 

What do you love about your current job?

What’s really fulfilling about working here is that you know whatever you're doing you're making an impact on a larger scale. It’s letting people farm, it’s healthy eating, it’s working against climate change. Meeting the people who buy our product and hearing their stories is a huge highlight for me. 

 What drew you to work in the social sector? 

My mother works for an NGO and my dad works in the agricultural space. Growing up, that was what we talked about at the dinner table. It’s fulfilling to know you're doing something for the greater good. You're more productive when you're passionate. With social driven companies, there is a lot of passion involved. It makes your day-to-day a lot more interesting.

What’s a potential next step in your career?

I need to see Freight Farms become really big. My next step is to continue pushing here. I’m not totally sure after that. I started off as a content marketing lead here, then became a marketing lead. Now I’m a sales marketing manager. And that’s just within a year. These shifts are basically just due to where my interest lies and where I feel like I can make the biggest difference. I think in this company a lot of people wear a lot of hats, which is continually the case even as we scale.