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At College for Social Innovation, we strive to educate and inspire the next generation of problem-solvers.

We need millions of these new leaders, ranging from social entrepreneurs to social workers, and they need to be oriented toward justice and adept at the 21st-century skills of communication, data-based management, interpersonal relations, and innovative problem-solving.

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Semester in the City:
Much more than an internship.

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So how do we develop more of these problem solvers and ensure they represent the diversity of America?

We do this through our program, Semester in the City, where we connect college students with social impact sector organizations, while working with their colleges to ensure they receive a full semester worth of credit.

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Semester in the City

Our program allows college students to earn a full semester of academic credit for well-supported internships at organizations addressing humanity’s toughest challenges.

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Host Organizations

To make Semester in the City successful, we want to work with organizations like yours to give our fellows a place to grow and thrive. Help us grow the next generation of social sector leaders.

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College Partners

We currently partner with 13 colleges and universities. Our college partners play a crucial and key role in our goal in supporting students as they learn about purpose-filled careers and skills needed in today’s global economy.

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Our vision is a movement in which millions of college students participate in a semester of experiential learning, access to high-impact learning is equalized, and learning and purpose increase among students.

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We love hearing and interacting with you! Follow us on social to get updates on the current Semester in the City cohort, learn more about our work, and hear about events and opportunities to get to connect with us in person. We can’t wait for you to be a part of our community!